12 Step to Buying your dream home

1 Get Pre-Approved
We need someone with in-depth knowledge of the mortgage marketplace to help you find out how much you may borrow at the best prevailing rates. A mortgage broker or bank will be able to give you a pre-approval letter stating what you are qualified for by analayzing all your finances and assets.

2 Make a list of your wants/needs.
Once you know how much you can afford, it is time to get a list of what is important to you.

3 Viewing properties
After seeing what is on the market, we can selelct the ones you like and start to view properties. I understand your schedual is hectic, and we will make appointments based around whatever is most convienent for you.

4 Write an offer
Once you select a home that fits your needs, it is time to write the offer. Every offer is completely different depending on the current market, comparable properties, condition of the property, our 'purchase plan', and more. Our goal is to write the most competitive offer in order to achieve acceptance from the seller.

5 Counter offers
This is where our negotiation tatics comes into play. The seller may or may not come back with a counter offer looking for different terms than in our initial offer. We will negotiate to achieve our disired outcome.

6 Acceptance & Escrow
After accepting your offer, we enter the escrow period. Escrow is a process where sellers and buyers give funds and documents to a neutral third party for disbursement to the parties upon completion of terms and conditions. A 30 day esrow period is standard in todays marketplace. While this may seem like a lot time..we have a lot of work to do!

The C.A.R. Purchase Agreement by default sets many of our contingency periods to 17 days. In these contingency periods we need to due our due diligance to make sure the home you understand what you are purchasing. This time period may be changed or waived depending on the situation to make our offer more competitive.

While in our Contingency periods detailed in step #7, there are various inspections that we need to do to ensure we understand exactly what we are buying. A General, Roof, Sewer, Chimney, and pool inspection may all be needed depending on what is being purchased.
9 Removal of Contingencies
This is one of the final pushes before the home is yours. By removing contingencies you are acknowleding you are in agreement with different terms of the transaction and ready for the home to be yours.

10 Deposit Funds/Loan Funding
If cash you will now deposit into escrow the remainding owed amount for the property. If you are getting a loan, this is when your bank will 'fund' your loan and transfer money into escrow.

11 Recording
Congrats! Since we wrote that the home is yours upon recording in the contract, the home is yours! You may now pick up the keys and start moving your things! Don't forget the utilities!
12Enjoy your new home.

Multi-Family Income Properties and Commercial

Working closely with our Partners Trust Commercial division, we have over 300 off-market properties. These are available and un-listed income properties all over Los Angeles. Please inquire here to get a full list of our inventory.

House Or Condo?!

House Pros:
Change anything anytime
Better appreciation
Own your piece of land

House Cons:
Generaly more expensive
You pay for all maintencne
Ammenities cost much more
May be less secure
Condo Pros:
Lower price entry point
HOA takes care of exterior
Services included
Less Maintence

Condo Cons:
Homeowners Assoctiation Monthly fee
Closer Neighbors
Pet policy
May be harder to sell

Getting Pre-Approved

How much you can afford depends on a variety of factors, and you may be approved for a much different number(for better or worse!) than you would expect. These things all factor in how much you may borrow:

Monthly Income
Current Debts
Credit Score
Current Monthly Expense
Down Payment
Interest Rate

It is recommended to use a mortgage broker in order to get the best rates. Please inquire to get a list of our preffered vendors.